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Goat Milk Soaps

Our first batch of soaps contains added herbs. A second batch, including the essential oils, is then poured over the diced soap. This makes the most of the essential oils, herbs, and goat milk to produce a bar that is moisturizing and has an excellent lather. Our soap is safe to use for shampoo, body cleaning, or face washing because it is made from only pure, natural components.

Basic Ingredients

Our goat milk, organic coconut oil, vegetable shortening, olive oil, and canola oil. That's it!

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My mother looked up to her grandparents when she was a child, living in Germany. Alternative methods were used to help the body during this time, like drinking chamomile tea for illness. We strive to replicate the natural method using real herbs and highest quality essential oils in our bar soaps for added benefits.

Herbs & Essential Oils

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