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Meat Variety

NEW: Lamb Restock!

Healthy Food From Our Farm to Your Kitchen

Quality Pasture Raised Meat Cuts, Creamy Goat Milk Caramels, and The Best Eggs You'll Ever Taste

We Promise

Ethical Treatment

Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World


Happy Animals With A Natural Upbringing


Pasture Raised Lifestyle


No confusing claims

Seasonal Farm Tours

No Antibiotics or Hormones


Local Deliveries Every Thursday

Pick-Up at One of Our Farmers Markets


Schedule a Time to Swing by The Farm 

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Home Delivery

Current delivery deal (offer lasts until April 25th): Do you live in Union, Independence, Walton, Florence, Verona, Erlanger, Edgewood, Burlington, Hebron, Crittenden, or Dry Ridge? From now until end of April, get FREE delivery on orders only $10+! 

At Hillside Meadows Farm, we provide only the best and most delicious groceries for our customers! Our family-owned farm specializes in providing pasture raised, healthy food to your doorstep. Enjoy the convenience of our weekly Thursday delivery for only $6.95, or get FREE delivery for orders $30+ in the surrounding areas.


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