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The Mini pig Party



Leo is a sweetheart who enjoys attention. He will  flop on his side for his belly rub, and sometimes he enjoys it so much that  he falls asleep! But, beware, Leo loves to roll in any mud piles he can find, so you might find him a little dirty. Leo is Diva's and Herky's dad, but since has been retired from breeding and is neutered, which made him gain a few pounds, but much less stinky and just as lovable.



We gave her the name for a reason! From day one, Diva has always liked things her way. She will not miss an opportunity trying to outsmart you! She can also be very sweet and lovable. Diva gets goosebumps when getting her tummy scratched, which makes her look like she has a Mohawk! You can find her with her twin brother, Herky as they greet the vistors on the driveway. 



Herky fit the palm of our hands when he was first born! He loves attention and affection almost as much as food, this is why he quickly captures the heart of visitors. He is more laid back than his sister and does not figure things out as quickly as she does, but he will sit pretty and impress with his charm to snag a treat whenever he can. 


Juliana Piglets

A Note About Mini Pigs:

Juliana pigs are the smallest breed of pigs there is, but there is no such thing as "teacup pigs". Julian pigs are still growing 15 to 17 inches tall and require proper care. Any pig deemed to be smaller than this size is either not fully grown, or has stunted growth by using cruel methods such as starvation. Getting a mini pig with wrong expectations is the reason why many of these pigs end up in shelters and rescues. Pigs are intelligent animals who can provide a lot of companionship and entertainment, but as with any other pet, there has to be commitment. With realistic expectations Juliana pigs can give you a lot of fun (see video link below)!

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