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Farm Tour For All Age Groups

CLOSED Until Spring 2024


PHoto Sessions

Capture some photos with our animals!

Skincare Spa Party

Hillside Meadows Goat Milk Products


Wine & SKincare

Nov. 2nd

More info to come.

More Info

"We had a wonderful day visiting Hillside Meadows! The animals are well loved and cared for, and are truly pasture raised. My children were able to be up close and personal with the sheep, goats and pigs, and the chickens and ducks also roamed freely. We even had a chance to pet the cattle and horses, including their miniature horse! Peggy and her family have worked hard to restore the farmhouse and build the barn and surrounding pasture areas, and it is a special place. We came home with fresh eggs as well as goat milk sugar scrub... my only regret is not getting some goat milk soap and lotion while we were there! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon ❤"

This is a FABULOUS family farm that has so much to offer. They go way beyond a petting zoo as they wonderfully share the education on the livestock. I adore how the livestock is very comfortable with human interaction. They take fun family photos with the animals and I can’t recommend them enough! We always have the best time!

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