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It Began with One Family and a 150-year-old farmhouse.

Our Certifications

Our Story


Animal Care

Our sheep and goat herd is able to roam on pastures during the day whenever the weather allows, and locked safely in the barn away from predators at night. Our animals are mostly grass-fed, and we raise them as organic as possible, without antibiotic additives; however, if an animal is sick and requires medical care, we treat them according to current medical standards per veterinarian recommendation. Depending on the season, the animals receive supplemental grain to fulfill the needed nutrients that is not reached with the grass/hay. 


Our pigs roam their pastures, allowing them to forage for acorns, weeds, grasses, bugs and other foods they find. They have access to spacious shelters and shade, along with mud areas they waddle in to cool down on hot summer days. While we do not consider ourselves a cattle farm, we do raise a few Jersey cows each year. Since Jerseys are a dairy breed, most males do not get to grow up and find themselves at slaughter shortly after birth. It takes close to two years for a Jersey cow to become of size, and for the time being we give them a quality life. The result is a delicate marbled, red meat that makes any meal outstanding! All of our poultry range across the farmall day, and roost in their shelters during the evening for protection. They are spoiled by Olivia with fruits and snuggles, majority having names.


 "We changed our entire lifestyle in 2016 and moved from the subdivision to a historic farmhouse tucked away in the beautiful Kentucky countryside. My dad had always dreamed of owning a small farm, seeing it as his sanctuary from the city. Meanwhile, my mom sought after the corbels and distinctive architecture of a home filled with history and stories. When we viewed the house that was built in 1875, with its slanted floors and wallpapered walls and said, "We'll take it," our realtor thought we were crazy. Once we fixed the house and salvaged its character as much as we could, we got to work on the farm. Construction for our barn began in 2018 and finished in the fall of that year which is when we got our first few animals: one horse and two blackbelly hair sheep.


We got deeper into farming once we realized we wanted to sustain our own products. After plenty of research and having now spent some time farming, it is not just the ingredients that matter, but the source as well. 


We started this farm because we wanted to know where our products come from while raising our animals humanely and uphold the highest welfare standards. While we raise some animals for petting zoo, breeding purpose and personal use, we are committed to providing our customers with quality natural products from our pasture raised, happy animals. We deliver exceptional services from farm directly to the consumer. We added our purebred nigerian dwarf goats for dairy; goat milk is full of health benefits, so we are producing natural handmade goat milk products - skincare items and delicious caramels. The chickens and ducks are for eggs. Guineas help with the tick population, the sheep herd was expanded to include mainly Katahdins, cows and pigs were added for meat, and the list continues."

- Olivia

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Our Certifications
As of the year 2021, Hillside Meadows Farm is A Greener World certified! This is the only certification that assures animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range for their entire lives on an independent farm using truly sustainable, high-welfare farming techniques. Unlike most farm certifiers, AGW’s independent trained auditors visit every farm in the program at least once a year to verify they’re meeting the standards. For more information about the organization, click here.

We are also Kentuky Proud! Products labeled as Kentucky Proud are produced, created, or raised by Kentuckians. Items from Kentucky Proud can be served to your family knowing that they come from friends and neighbors nearby rather than from far away. For more information, click here.

Meet the Family

George is the Army veteran who does the heavy-lifting on the farm. Before leaving for work in the morning, he takes care of the livestock in the barn. He spends his weekends building and repairing shelters, taking care of pastures and fencing, or hauling hay and feed. 

Peggy handmakes all of the products from scratch and has created our recipes, including soaps, lotions, and sugar scrubs. She manages the company's communication and coordination of events. Having almost 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, she has successfully created a unique goat milk skincare line fulfilling "Healthy Products from Happy Animals."

Olivia is the Public Relations and Sales Associate for the company. She designed majority of the website and maintains the promotional content via social media. She is a highschool student and an equestrian. She also milks the goats daily, in the morning and evening. 

Julian has joined the United States Air Force and is working working towards being a Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist. Even though the farm lost an extra pair of hands to help, the family is proud to have him serving the country.
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