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Pasture Raised Eggs - Duck & Chicken

The small chicken eggs weigh just under the required size, between 1.7-2.0 oz. Regular chicken eggs weigh 2.1 oz.+.

Even though they are slightly “smaller”, they still taste just as good!

Fun Carton: This carton consists of 10 multi-colored Eggs (can be 0.1 to 0.3 oz smaller than regular chicken eggs) and 2 turkey eggs (quality and taste is just like chicken eggs, but has a pointy shell with brown speckles on it and is slightly larger).

Pasture Raised Eggs - Duck & Chicken

  • These eggs will change your cooking, forever! Because the chickens and ducks have a free-ranging lifestyle - able to roam where ever they'd like - their eggs are rich in nutrients and have dark egg yolks. Choose between a variety of dozens, like chicken, small chicken, or duck eggs. A half/half sampler is also available, which contains 6 duck eggs and 6 chicken eggs.


    Rated five-stars: "These egg yolks shine like the sun! Even the shells are gorgeous. Almost too pretty to eat... almost."

  • Pick-up from the farm is available by appointment only. After choosing the option at checkout and submitting your order, we will contact you directly. You can also get your eggs delivered straight to your door on Thursdays (your order must be in by Tuesday of that week).

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