Green Farm

The Cows
The guardians


T-Bone is such a sweetheart. He loves to lick your arms and give kisses. T-Bone also enjoys neck scratches. In the evening, once it's time for grain, T-Bone will always jump with excitment and run all over the pasture. If you see him, be sure to say hello and maybe give him a treat!


Moose is a bit more shy than T-bone, but he still loves treats and neck rubs! Moose also enjoys playing with his bestfriend, T-Bone. You will always find them together hanging out in the shade on hot summer days. 

While we do not consider ourselves a cattle farm, we decided to raise two Jersey cows. Since Jersey cows are a dairy breed, most males do not get to grow up and find themselves at slaughter shortly after birth. We decided to raise two bottle calfs, who graze on the pasture and help with the weeds the picky horses don't eat. It takes close to two years for a Jersey cow to grow up, and for the time being we are giving them a quality life.

The LGD's


Thor & Hulk

Living in an area with predators, we decided we needed to get two LGDs (livestock guardian dogs). Thor and Hulk, two Great Pyrenees dogs, arrived as little puppies, but they are growing so quickly and are well over 100 pound heavy giants!

Our Avenger duo lives in the barn with the livestock and is our patrol in training. Hulk is more laid back and already a lot more observing of intruders, while Thor is more adventurous and playful. When looking at them, it is hard to keep this twin couple apart. Like all puppies, these two still nap a lot, and their favorite nap spot is under the Magnolia tree.