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Lamb French Style Rib Roast

Lamb French Style Rib Roast

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  • The rack is one of the best cuts when it comes to lamb. Our pasture-raised sheep are handled with compassion in a setting that offers optimal growing conditions, nutritious food, and a stress-free way of life, resulting in meat that is mild, soft, and not at all gamey. For a delicious supper, simply pan-sear this exquisite piece of meat before baking it. There is exactly the right amount of fat on the meat to preserve it while roasting and give it a fantastic taste.

  • Pick-up from the farm is available by appointment only. After choosing the option at checkout and submitting your order, we will contact you directly. You can also get your farm-raised meat delivered straight to your door on Thursdays (your order must be in by Tuesday of that week).

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