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Pork Loin

Pork Loin

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  • Talk about a summer cookout meal! The easiest and quickest way to prepare a pork loin is to roast it as is or sear the outside first. The natural juiciness and tenderness of pork loin are preserved by cooking it in a gradual way.  Hint: You enable the fat layer to drizzle over the roast as it cooks by placing the fat on top. This process prevents the pork from getting tough and dry! 


    Hormone Free - No Antibiotics - Pasture Raised - No MSG

  • Pick-up from the farm is available by appointment only. After choosing the option at checkout and submitting your order, we will contact you directly. You can also get your farm-raised meat delivered straight to your door on Thursdays (your order must be in by Tuesday of that week).

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